How Much Protein Do You Really Need

2014. the December 16 update is confused about how much protein necessary? Many athletes and athletes increased their protein intake to give them both lose weight and muscle building more to help, but it is the right way to go? It is logical, because muscles are composed of protein, more muscle protein helps to collect food. But science tells us that it is not always the case. ScienceProteins are a little the life force of the human body. They are made up of amino acids and build muscles, blood, skin, hair, nails and internals to help. In addition to water, proteins are the most abundant in the substance of the body, and the majority of them (about 60-70%) is located in skeletal muscle. There are 20 amino acids in the human body and all but eight in his body, can be produced for growth. These eight amino acids called essential amino must be supplied by food or supplements. how much protein do you really need The other twelve amino acids are not produced in the body, but the essential amino acids and essential non necessary to synthesize proteins. What does mean everything? This means that if you do not provide the body with essential amino acids you need, you can limit the amount of protein in the body, which can be used to build muscle. Complete proteins are always the right kind of ProteinFoods, which contains all the essential amino acids. These foods include beef meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk and almost all sources of animal origin. Incomplete proteins not all essential amino acids and include vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. Then, if you are vegetarian, complete these media which do you protein? You are welcome. What follows is a summary of some incomplete proteins. To obtain all the essential amino acids, choose foods in two or more columns.  Products GrainsLegumesSeeds NutsVegetablesBarleyBeansSesame SeedsLeafy GreensCorn MealLentilsSunflower & SeedsBroccoliOatsPeasWalnuts PastaSoy RicePeanutsCashews other bread cubes of whole wheat in the next page: how many do you need? . .